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Selling a home is a legal transaction in Texas with lots of contracts, disclosures and amendments.  It may seem like an overwhelming task.  It can be, however, if you break it down in to 8 simple steps, it can make it a lot easier.

Here is a quick 8 step overview of the home selling process:

  1. Meet with a Realtor and set the right price. It is important that you meet with an experienced, full time licensed real estate agent who studies the trends and is aware of what is going on in the current, ever changing market. You’ll want the agent who represents you to know what other homes yours will be competing against as well as what has sold in your neighborhood the last few months.  All of this information is critical to know in order for you to price your home right and get as much money for it as possible.
  2. Prepare your home for sale-You’ll want to get your home as clean, decluttered, and in as good of repair as possible to make it as appealing to prospect buyers as you can. Think of it like when you go shopping for a car. Are you more likely to pick the one that is dirty, with cracked windows, and dried french fries on the back seat floor or one that is sparkling clean, in good repair, and ready to drive off the lot? There are lots of ways you can stage your home to increase its appeal without spending a ton of money. Make sure to work with a professional Realtor who has lots of experience in working with sellers to prepare their home for the market to make sure it shows the best it can.
  3. Put your home on the market and show it to prospective buyers-make sure your Realtor reviews with you the protocol and etiquette of having prospective buyers view your home.
  4. Receive an offer and get your home under contract. This is the best part! Your home may be one of your biggest assets. Make sure you work with a Realtor who is an experienced negotiator and knows the best strategies to make sure you have an outcome you are happy with. This is a skill they don’t teach in real estate school. Lots and lots of experience is the best teacher!
  5. Buyer’s 7 or 10 day option period (their right to terminate the contract) and negotiate potential buyer repair requests.
  6. Buyer’s lender conducts appraisal The lender wants to make sure your home is worth at least the contract price before they approve the buyer’s financing. This is yet another reason why it is vital you work with an experienced agent who knows the process of working through any issues that may come up with this report. If the issues aren’t resolved, it could cause the sale of your home to fall through.
  7. Prepare the home to close. Move out all your belongings and prepare the home for the buyer’s final walk through
  8. Closing Day. You’ve made it to the big day! Prior to closing you’ll want your Realtor to review final closing numbers provided by the title company to ensure they match up with the terms of the contract and any subsequent amendments. You’ll sign all the documents transferring ownership to the buyer and turn over your keys.

When I represent you on the sale of your home, rest assured I will guide you every step of the way.  You’ll be confident in knowing I will handle all the behind the scenes work that is required to make sure the entire process, from deciding to sell your home to getting to closing day, is as easy and stress free for you as possible.

When you are ready to sell your home, call me.  We can work to put a plan in place for you and I can answer any questions you may have.  Some of the most common questions I get from homeowners are:

“What do we do if we want to buy a new home but need to sell our current one first?”

“How long from the home going on the market until the home changes ownership and we need to move out?”

“When is the best time of year to put our home on the market?”

I can answer all these questions and any others you may have

I look forward to helping you on your real estate journey!